Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tundra Swans!

With the nasty weather and my breathing problems almost called it a day even before I started birding at the park this morning!Even though I was watching a Belted kingfisher perched on some bushes!Also saw a few Tree Swallows skimming over the pond.Headed over to the mulch pile were many more swallows were flying around the numerous snags,home for their young ones for the summer!Heard my first Swamp Sparrows singing and then heard swans.Twelve were seen heading northwest,could not make an id but if you see a swan in Manitoba 90%odds it is  Tundra Swans!Terrific sighting in Winnipeg!Found some unique feathers,still in my pocket,most likely a victim of the Cooper's Hawk perched on a gravel pile.And then some pink Franklin's Gulls made there first appearance this year!And finally for the first time caught the #75 bus home,while I was waiting for bus got a lot of stares from the traveling public? 

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