Sunday, April 1, 2012

April's Fools Big Half Day!

The weather fooled with me,rained and was cold,the forecast said otherwise!Tried hard to do a big day which I plan on doing every first of the month in my patch.Did walk 4 hours looking for everything moving and calling in all the good spots.Only new bird of the year was a Wilson`s Snipe.Here is a list of birds seen,

1.Canada Goose
4.Ring-necked Duck
6.Hooded Merganser
7.Northern Harrier
8.Red-tailed Hawk
10.Wilson's Snipe
11.Ring-billed Gull
12.Northern Flicker
13.Black-billed Magpie
14.American Crow
15.Black-capped Chickadee
16.American Robin
17.European Starling
18.American Tree Sparrow
19.Fox Sparrow
20.Song Sparrow
21.Dark-eyed Junco
22.Red-winged Blackbird
23.Western Meadowlark
24.Common Grackle
25.Rock Dove 

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