Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grebe Fallout!

Did some patchwork yesterday,I see that I am reading too many reports from Birdforum!Using there birding vernacular very often!My main objective was emberizines,there has been a dearth of sparrows on the ground so far.The only new sparrow I kicked up was a Swamp Sparrow.Dark-eyed Juncos have decreased in numbers and did not see any American Tree Sparrows.Still many Fox Sparrows and heard three Song Sparrows.The two ponds I visited were hoping with waterfowl.Especially exciting were grebes I found in Mazenrod pond as it is called in local birding circles!Four Pied-billed Grebes,three Red-necked Grebes and a striking Horned Grebe!Was decked out in it's breeding plumage,yellow patch,rufous neck and black throat!An unfamiliar call was heard and I am sure it was one of the grebes!Nest building was observed by both a Common Raven and Black-billed Magpies.The only other new bird for the area was a pair of Northern Shovelers.Here's a list of other species seen,Lesser Scaup,Greater Scaup,American Robin,American Coot,Killdeer,Ring-necked Duck,Mallard,Black-capped Chickadee-S,Northern Flicker,Canvasback,Canada Goose,American Crow,Ring-billed Gull,Red-winged Blackbird,Greater Yellowlegs,Yellow-bellied Sapsucker,Western Meadowlark-S,Mourning Dove,Great Horned Owl,Green-winged Teal,Hermit Thrush,Herring Gull,Hooded Merganser,Wilson's Snipe,Rock Dove and Bufflehead.The flowering plant I mentioned in an earlier post was misidentified ,it is actually is a Petasites species! 

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