Saturday, April 14, 2012

Croaking Bitterns and Sprouting Flowers

Where to start how about Beghin Ave.The pond here held my first American Coot of the year,fifteen Bufflehead and assorted unnamed Scaup.Observed the scaup in various courtship displays,especially the female who was strutting around with all that attention!A bunch of birds were glued to a sap producing tree,the main characters being a Northern Flicker and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.Lot of the latter around and got one on film!

In a swamp/woodland nearby got my first warbler of the year a Yellow-rumped Warbler as I was investigating a woodpecker who was drumming.Was trying to find the guilty party who was peeling off large chucks of bark!Also only heard a Ruby-crowned Kinglet! As I was slogging through the swamp almost stepped on my first flower of the spring a Pussytoe!In my plant field guide there are three varieties of this plant found in Manitoba.Saw Rosy Pussytoe and most likely Broad-leaved Pussytoe by the habitat I found them in.Here are two photographs,

I then walked along the railway tracks were in a water filled ditch I flushed two American Bitterns and two Wilson's Snipe!Close by filmed a Song Sparrow singing!

And finally went to the marsh along Bournais Ave were I dug up five Northern Shovelers,the croaking American Bittern and one Green-winged Teal .

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