Monday, March 26, 2012

Gray Partridge!

Went for a long walk looking for exciting new finds for the year!All four ponds were covered.In them were a Canvasback and a pair of Hooded Mergansers.Also found a new pond looking through Goggle Maps!Next time!American Tree Sparrows everywhere,a few Fox Sparrows rummaging in the leaf litter and an American Robin flushed from a bush.A Northern Harrier hunting over a marsh and two later chasing a very active Great Horned Owl!Two Herring Gulls who only stay long enough to gorge on the winterkill of fish! Watched as a Red-tailed Hawk soared higher and higher trying to find a warm updraft in the cold weather.Lucky for the bird the winds were heavy and it was out of my eyesight in no time.Found a colorful male American Kestrel hunting from a hydro line and close by a female.Could I be treated to a whole summer of raising there young as I did last year!And always a surprise two Gray Partridges flushed from a field just as I was about to step on them!

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