Sunday, March 25, 2012

American Kestrel

When butterflies are not flying and orchids are not showing will periodically post notable bird sightings especially from my local patch.Which is St. Boniface Industrial Park, found within the city limits of Winnipeg,Manitoba.After unseasonably warm weather lately the temperature returned to more normal highs for this time of year.Therefore because of the cold no butterflies were expected to be seen.Did see an American Kestrel which are very uncommon in the city.Hope it is one of the pair who breed here and successfully raised two young.And finally seen a Killdeer after hearing them for about a week.One other bird of note were two Herring Gulls.The three ponds are free of ice but disappointedly there was few waterfowl on them. Next weekend should be good for butterflies,much higher temperatures and sunny!

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